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We offer a wide range of metals for fabrication and construction, available 24/7 via emergency deliveries.


At Stainless Steel Section, we offer various types of stainless steel metals. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron with at least 10.5 percent chromium and typically consists of 18-8, 14-10, and 8-14 percent chromium content in a matrix containing 0.08 to 0.33 percent carbon and/or silicon. The oxide layer on its surface is passive, meaning it resists corrosion; this makes it ideal for applications such as cutlery and sinks, window fittings, medical instruments, water tanks and more.


At Mild Steel Section, we offer a variety of mild steel in different shapes, sizes and lengths. Mild steel is a type of carbon steel with a low amount of carbon—it is actually also known as “low carbon steel.” Although ranges vary depending on the source, the amount of carbon typically found in mild steel is 0.05% to 0.25% by weight, whereas higher carbon steels are typically described as having a carbon content from 0.30% to 2.0%. Any more carbon than that would make it cast iron.


At Galvanized Steel Section, we offer a wide selection of hot-dip galvanized steel. Hot-dip galvanized steel is a type of galvanized steel that has been coated with a protective zinc layer to prevent corrosion. We offer full-length or cut-to-size Galvanized steel. If you are unsure where to start, feel free to contact our friendly staff for help in selecting the perfect product for your project.

Seamless Pipes
Abrasive & Wheels
Saw Blades
Angle Grinder
Metal Cutting Machines
Varieties of Hand Tools
Drill Bits & Reamers
Various Kinds of Hinges
Screws, Nuts and Bolts
Wire Mesh

In addition, our company provides a wide range of fabrication and installation projects, from small one-of-a-kind projects to industrial-sized ones.

Metal Fabrication in Nigeria
Fabrication Services

Rahmon Oseni & Sons Enterprises is a full-service shop specializing in custom metal fabrication. We provide a wide range of projects, from one-of-a-kind small projects to large industrial projects. If your metal fabrication project has requirements, please contact us, and we will help with your speciality metal fabrication requirements. Our stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel fabrication services include customized fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and heavy metal fabrication.

Metal Roofing Contractors Installing Metal Tiles
Rahmon Oseni Installation Services
Installation Services

Rahmon Oseni and Sons Enterprises can assist you with installation services, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, mild steel and many more. We have the skills and experience to meet your needs.

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